219 inspectors take oath of office to ensure order in mining, quarry sectors.

Some 219 inspectors from the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development, have taken the oath of office to ensure the respect of the rules and regulations in the sector.

The ritual comes after they were appointed to serve in different capacities. The officials took the oath at the Yaounde Court of First Instance, Monday September 11.

Among the 219, there are: 194 Inspectors and Deputy Inspectors of mines and quarries and15 inspectors of establishments rated as being unhealthy, dangerous or inconvenient. Their appointment comes after they were trained in October 2022.

They had acquired skills and knowledge in administrative ethics, administrative drafting, establishing of offenses in the mining and quarrying sectors, drawing of infringement reports and the drafting of investigation reports.

The oath of service was in respect of the provisions of Article 196 of the 2016 Mining Code. It stipulates that sworn inspectors are tasked with "ensuring the monitoring and control of mining activities, this within the limits of the prerogatives granted to them".

The same code warrants them to take the oath before a Magistrate Court. The training, appointment and oath-taking exercises come amid a mark shift in President Paul Biya’s focus to redynamise the mining sector and make it a major contributor to state revenue to fund development projects.

The government has as ambition to reduce the over reliance on hydrocarbons and put the mining sector at the forefront of key sectors that contribute to development.

Since the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development, has been functioning in line with President Biya’s vision as disclosed in his addressed to the nation on December 31, 2022.

The ministry has stepped up control and monitoring of activities, calling for order and putting stakeholders abreast with the laws in force.

The fresh impetus the 219 inspectors are expected to bring to the sector ties with the National Development Strategy, SND 2020-2030, that is guiding government’s development options for the next decade.

Within this period, even as the state pursues its development options, it is conscious of striking a balance with contemporary environmental demands and the need for maximum safety measures.

It is a provision contained in Law No. 98/015 of 14 July 1998, relating to establishments categorised as dangerous, unhealthy or inconvenient.

To note that the officials are also expected to put a keen eye on the 12 integrated mining projects on which government is hoping to develop transport and energy sectors among others.

They are charged with ensuring the laws that guide exploitation of the subsoil in relation to mining are fully respected and report to hierarchy in all confidentiality.


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