At SDF NEC meeting: Osih Joshua dribbles supporters over SDF chairmanship bid.

One of the potential postulants to the post of National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Hon Osih Joshua, has continued to maintain sealed lips on his ambition to gun for the party’s coveted position.

With less than two months to the Elective Convention, Hon Osih, whose intention of succeeding Ni John Fru Ndi, had become public secret, has opted for a suspicious silence.

Osih did not open up on his chairmanship bid when quizzed by reporters during Saturday’s National Executive Committee, NEC, meeting of SDF, which held in Yaounde. When questioned if he will be running for the office of National Chairman of the SDF at the forthcoming convention, Hon Osih was equivocal.

He merely told newsmen that he will only comment on the issue when the ‘time is ripe’. 

“I think at the time I will be running for Chairmanship position, my Ward and my Electoral District will be the first to know. However, you will be informed appropriately,” he said.

He immediately added that: “Right now, we have been busy with the funeral of our late chairman. We are also busy organising the convention. So that is our preoccupation for the moment”.

Earlier while commenting on the stakes of last Saturday’s NEC meeting, Hon Osih had noted that: “This meeting was scheduled to hold after the funeral of our late National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi. So, obviously being the first meeting since we came back from the funeral, the most important point during this meeting was to discuss about the funeral and as you know, we are moving towards a convention…we are receiving reports from the various reorganisation committees as well as the convention organising committee…our convention will hold on the 28th and 29th of October here in Yaounde”.


Crucial convention

The forthcoming Elective Convention of the SDF will not only be a gathering with plenty of stakes, but one which will turn a new page in the life of the opposition outfit.

It will be the first time since the inception of the party that a leadership without Fru Ndi at the helm of the SDF will be put in place. The SDF has known a single chairman, John Fru Ndi, since creation in 1990. 

However, prior to his demise, Ni John Fru Ndi had declared his intention not to seek re-election at the forthcoming convention.

While frontline supporters of the SDF have been declaring their interest for the party’s top job, Hon Osih Joshua, tipped favourite for the race, is yet to declare his candidacy. 

Once he declares for the post, he will be challenged by youthful candidates, including SDF Limbe District Chairman, Ndenge Godden Zama, and the party’s Coordinator for Donga Mantung Division, Shewa David. Both personalities had publicly declared their intentions at separate meetings organised recently in Limbe and Yaounde, respectively.

There are also reports that more candidates for the post of chairman may emerge in the days ahead. 

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