Bamendankwe: Dr Taniform Peter gets accolades for using football to promote peace, unity.

An elite of Bamendankwe, in Bamenda I Subdivision, Mezam Division of the North West Region, Dr Taniform Peter, has been showered accolades for using football to promote peace, unity and development.

The praises were showered on him by the entire population of the community on Sunday September 3. This was during the finals of the 4th edition of the Bamenda I Peace and Unity Tournament, for which Dr Taniform is sponsor. It held at the Bujong Community Field in Bamendankwe.

The official ceremony to end the holiday tournament was chaired by the Inspector General at the North West Governor's Office, Seidou Musa, who represented the Governor. 

Other officials also present included the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO of Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh; the North West Regional Assembly President, Prof Fru Angwafo; Bamenda the City Mayor, Paul Achobong; the Mayor of Bamenda I Council, Mbigha Felix and the traditional ruler of Bamendakwe, Fon Forchesiri III, among others.

At the end of the day, Atugolah FC was crowned winners of the tournament. They defeated All Stars of Ntenefor one nil to lift the trophy.

Sponsors hailed for championing initiative

During the event, authorities of the region congratulated sponsors and elite of the community like Dr Taniform Peter, for leading such a peaceful initiative, which is aimed at uniting the people of Bamendankwe.

Other sponsors like the Bamenda I Council and the Port Authority of Douala were also recognised for always being part of the tournament for the past years.

"We are really satisfied with the mobilisation we saw today at the Bujong Community Field in Bamenda I. All the youth came out to witness the finals. I must say that the sponsors did well. This is an indication that school resumption will be the same. So we are expecting more students and teachers in the classrooms," Seidou Musa, representative of the Governor, said.

For his part, the Mayor of Bamenda I Council, Mbigha Felix, also lauded Dr Taniform Peter and other sponsors for giving back to the community.

"This is a very big success for Bamenda I, thanks to our sponsors. I want to thank Dr Taniform Peter, who is the patron and sponsor of this competition, the Bamenda I Council and the Port Authority of Douala," Mayor Mbigha said. 


Awards & prizes 

The ceremony ended with award of trophies, medals, cash prizes and back-to-school materials to participants, students and some farmers.

Prizes were awarded to groups, best player, highest goal-scorer, best goalkeeper and best fan club of the tournament.

School materials like bags, books, pens and others were donated to the U-17 players of the tournament. Some farmers and traditional dance groups were also recognised.


Dr Taniform Peter the man 

Dr Taniform Peter, it should be noted, has a tracked record of fundraising for major strategic development initiatives or projects in Bamenda I Subdivision, a role which he often assumes readily with passion and excitement. 

It is also worth noting that Dr Taniform Peter is a pure product of Bamendankwe and counts among the few leading and influential elite of Bamenda I Subdivision who have unflinchingly impacted the lives of people and community at large in diverse ways. 

He is endowed with exceptional leadership skills characterised by simplicity and humility, coupled with a strong ability to build the next generation and leading from behind. 

These exceptional leadership qualities have won for him respect among his peers, his people and community. This is affirmed by the confidence and the trust continuously shown to him by his people, remarkable following as well as influence and the related impact on his people and community at large. 

Highly loved and cherished by his people and community, Dr Taniform has, over the years, in spite of his significant contributions to the peace, unity and development of his community, chosen to remain humble and to maintain a low profile in the profit for his community. 

He prefers to decrease and let his community and people increase, a rare phenomenon within an era where the reverse of such attitude is dominant. 


Dr Taniform’s peace & unity crusade 

It should be recalled that the legendary peace crusader and development vector, Dr Taniform Peter, has been championing peace and unity crusade for over a decade now. 

The crusade has yielded unprecedented results, including the current peace and tranquility enjoyed by Bamenda I Subdivision, active schooling by the youth, social cohesion by the community and major development initiatives.

Other fruits that have been bored by his peace crusade include recognition of the identity of the people, fostering stronger collaboration with the administration, strengthening integration of other national elite into the community, recruiting partnerships that have significantly contributed to the development of the community, generating employment, education and professional opportunities for sons and daughters of Bamenda I Subdivision. 

The annual peace and unity crusade constitutes major events aimed at fostering peace, unity and the development of the entire Bamenda I Subdivision and beyond. Events include but not limited to: cultural jamboree, educational and career talks, football and handball competitions, community development activities like the cleaning of strategic spots, back-to-school campaign; including price awards, cleaning of school campuses, opening of access roads, distribution of didactic materials to students of the subdivision and distribution of farming equipment to farmers.

Others include engagement with the palace and administration to ensure that each summer holiday is a period when all the youth and elite of the Subdivision synergistically work to foster peace, unity and development.   

The Bamenda I Council and the Port Authority of Douala have been strong partners of the peace and unity crusade over the years. 

This year, the Port Authority of Douala supported the crusade with didactic materials to students. Bamenda I Council ensured appropriate coordination and supervision.


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