Kristian Ngah Christian: Publisher/Editor-in-Chief.

Kristian Ngah Christian is the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian Post. He is holder of a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC. 

Ngah is also holder of a US-sponsored Diploma in Investigative Journalism and a British-sponsored Diploma in Environmental Reporting. 

Born on August 30, 1975, in Ndu Subdivision to a pastor, Ngah’s seamless attachment to the journalism profession has turned out to be that of a media genius that has lived even the most difficult of circumstances.

He started off as an announcer at the state-owned CRTV Bamenda in 1995. Ngah joined The Herald newspaper in 1996 and reported from Santa, Bamenda and Kumbo in Bui Division. His output got him promotion as Bamenda Deputy Bureau Chief, Bui and Donga Mantung Bureau Chief with seat in Kumbo.

His outstanding journalistic prowess will earn him a transfer to Yaounde in 1999. Barely six months in Yaounde, Ngah’s journalism and marketing skills charmed his former employer, the late Dr Boniface Forbin, who wasted no time in appointing him as The Herald’s Managing Editor.

Ngah stayed on that position only for two years. He quit in 2001 to begin his own newspaper, The Guardian Post. His capital at creation of The Guardian Post was 150,000 FCFA!

Ngah who has widely traveled was in 2019 named Goodwill Ambassador of Arkansas State in the United States of America. He is also President of the Cameroon English Language Newspaper Publishers Association, CENPA; Vice President of the Federation of Cameroon Newspaper Publishers, FEDIPRESSE.

Ngah is also Member of the Committee to study application files for government's subsidy to the private media, Member of the Committee to study publication of legal notices in newspapers in Cameroon, Member of the Committee created by government to work out a blue-print to rescue the dying media industry in Cameroon. 

Among The Guardian Post Publisher's landmark events are his coverage of the birthday ceremony of the former Nigerian Vice President, Atiku Abubakar and the coverage of the 2016 US presidential election. Ngah was also among 15 journalists, selected from across Africa to hold a working session with French president, Emmanuel Macron, in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2019.

The story of this journalist and media entrepreneur of exceptional class is an appointment with destiny that has given pride to journalism for Anglophone Cameroon and the nation’s media landscape in general.

Ngah’s towering influence across Cameroon and beyond when it comes to journalism, media management and media consultancy is a never-seen feat. This is at least when it comes to the media landscape in Cameroon.

Many see describe him as a star that continues to bring honour to the nation across the world. His voice, pen and aura transcend even his sphere of journalism. 

Ngah, has through humility, hard work and uncommon resilience moved up the rungs to become one of the most influential Anglophones in Cameroon.

Twenty-two years on as a mediapreneur of exceptional class, this uncommon Anglophone media wonder, has seen his influence acknowledged by presidents of some of the world’s most powerful nations.

Beyond his influence across the North West and South West Regions, Ngah is also an inspiration to the Francophone media in Cameroon. For a taste of what the wings and aura of this time-tested media maestro means to Cameroon, check the impact he has on the entire media landscape in Cameroon.

Besides employing a 45-man staff who work at The Guardian Post, Ngah coaches journalists and publishers from across the linguistic divide of the nation. 

A known record-breaker, Ngah who holds the record as the first Anglophone to publish an English daily newspaper in Cameroon, is also on record as the owner of the only newspaper in the Central African Economic and Monetary Commission, CEMAC, that publishes seven times a week. 

His newspaper, The Guardian Post, is the only private print media outfit in the entire CEMAC Sub region, that is lodged its own constructed office. 

He also owns and runs one of the best printing press in Cameroon. Ngah has grown beyond being just a journalist to an influential national character. 


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