Improving livelihoods of people in SW: AIVDP constructs, equips seven health facilities worth almost 500 MFCFA.

Denizens of Bachuo Akagbe, Kembong, Kang Barombi, Etam, Ntale, Lipenja and Besali in the South West Region, are celebrating the construction of and equipping of ultramodern health infrastructures in their communities.

The structures, worth close to 400 million FCFA and equipment worth over 100 million FCFA, have been constructed and equipped by the Agriculture Infrastructure and Value Chain Development Programme, AIVDP. This is part of its drive to improve on the livelihoods of the population of the Region.

The different structures in all these communities consist of 16 rooms; divided into offices, maternity wards, wards for male patients, female patients, VIP patients, mini theatres, restrooms, pharmacy, laboratory etc. 

The equipment include; work trolleys, removable trolleys, beds, drip stands, generators, refrigerators, stoves, forceps, ice packs, trash buckets, brand new delivery beds, matrasses, tables, laboratory equipment, maternity beds, surgical beds and a host of other equipment to cater for the needs of patients. 

In Bachuo Akagbe, the villagers celebrated the structure and the equipment, saying it was the first of such structure in the community, since the health facility was created by government in 1973. 

The old structures used as a health facility in the community were constructed by the community, since none was provided by government. 

The new structure, constructed by AIVDP, according to Etchutanyor Daniel Ashutambe, Chairman of the Health Management Committee in Bachuo Akagbe, will improve on the performance of the facility in serving the community and neighbouring villages.

The Bachuo Akagbe health facility covers 14 communities in the Bachuo Akagbe health area and acts as a satellite health centre providing healthcare services to the 14 communities and taking care of people from four integrated health centres within the health area. 

Some of the health facilities in neigbhouring communities have been destroyed as a result of the Anglophone crisis, highlighting the impact of the project on the health and wellbeing of the population.

Community overwhelmed, hails gesture

Speaking to the press, Etchutanyor Daniel Ashutambe, Chairman of Health Management Committee in Bachuo Akagbe, said the community is overwhelmed and welcomes the gesture. 

“We are overwhelmed by this marvelous structure because AIVDP did not only give us a structure, but also equipment to take care of everyone who visits this health facility. They gave us medical equipment and materials worth millions. That is why the entire community is jubilating,” he said. 

“This structure, material and equipment donated will mitigate the challenges our people are experiencing to cater for their health needs. Without this facility, our people will have to move long distances to access health care in other communities,” Etchutanyor noted.