Cameroon, Saudi Arabia to strengthen cultural ties.

Government, through the Ministry of Arts and Culture and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have discussed ways to strengthen cultural ties that exist between both countries.

This was the essence of an audience granted the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Cameroon, His Excellency Faisal Saud Al Mejel, by Minister of Arts and Culture, Bidoung Mkpatt. 
The audience took place yesterday at the Conviviality Hall of the National Museum in Yaounde. The member of government during the audience took out time to salute the ties that exist between both countries. 

Minister Bidoung Mkpatt expressed delight that both countries are bent on working together to promote their rich cultures. He equally pledged his support as well as that of his collaborators to speed up cultural ties with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Addressing reporters at the end of the close to one hour audience, Faisal Saud Al Mejel said it was gratifying to have held talks with the MIAC boss.

 “…ties between the kingdom of Saudi Arabia ad and Cameroon have been strategic since the 60s. There have been many documents signed at the geopolitical; security; economic levels and I hope we get to think of a cultural cooperation between the two countries,” Ambassador Faisal Saud stated. 

The cultural domain, the diplomat said, is a rich area where both countries will work to exploit mutual benefits.

“There are many projects in Saudi Arabia at the cultural level and my role as an ambassador is to present these opportunities to various ministries and culture remains an important part of it,” the diplomat added.


Cameroon, Saudi Arabia ties

Worthy to be said is the fact that ties between Cameroon and Saudi Arabia date back to the 60s. 

It has been materialised in Cameroon mainly through the financing of many development projects in domains like: education, health, transport infrastructures, rural development among others with funding mainly from the Saudi Development Fund, SDF. 

At the infrastructural level, Saudi Arabia has contributed funds for the construction of the University of Ngaoundere, the Ayos-Bonis Road (Ayos-Abong Mbang stretch) and the Edea-Maloume railroad, just to name but these few.

The country through the SDF has actively participated in the sponsoring of five projects to a tune of some 30 billion FCFA. These projects include: the Foumban-Tibati road (Foumban-Manki-Magba-Mapé Bridge stretch), Sangmélima-Djoum (Bikoula-Djoum stretch) and Olama-Kribi (Bingambo-Grandzambi stretch); the construction and equipment of the Mbalmayo Regional Hospital Annex, and the Akwa Industrial Trades High School.

With yesterday’s audience with the Minister of Arts and Culture was no mistake as both countries seek to tap into the cultural domain.

Cameroon stands to gain much from Saudi Arabia at cultural level given the number of sites and cultural heritages that it has so far been able to register on the Representative List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO.



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