Bui Division: Secret society slams heavy fine on Mbiame Fon!.

The Fon of Mbiame, His Royal Majesty Nweh II, has been slammed heavy fines by the Secret Society of the village, commonly known in the local parlance as ‘Nwerong’.

The secret society, which is the highest traditional institution in the Mbiame, Mbven Subdivision, Bui Division of the North West Region, ordered the Fon to provide 50 goats, 50 fowls, 50 jugs of raffia palm wine, 50 crates of beer and 50 baskets of cooked ‘fufu corn’. 

The items, according to the Secret Society, are expected to be supplied in less than a month. The pronouncement was made recently during a rare public outing of the secret society. 

However, the mouthpiece of Nwerong did not disclose the offence committed by the Fon to merit the sanctions.

Meanwhile, in a correspondence titled ‘To’oy Fon’, loosely translated as the Fon’s Call, the President General of the Mbiame Development Association, MBIDECULA, Maimo Brendar, has sent out a clarion call for the Mbiame people to come to the Fon’s rescue by providing the items requested by Nwerong.

“Following the pronouncement by Nwerong Mbiame, His Royal Majesty informs sons and daughters of Mbiame that his father, the Nwerong, has fined (Kishov) him 50/50 items. Given the time to fulfill this supreme decision, HRM solemnly invites you all to rally behind him with your usual support to accomplish this traditional obligation,” partly read the SOS duly signed by the MBIDECULA President General.

“We are reminded that our contributions have to come in from all sons and daughters, young and old as soon as possible before the end of two weeks counting from yesterday, 24/06/2023. Remember, we are our Fon and our Fon is us and in him, we are proud of who we are,” concluded the communique.

Sources close to customs and tradition of the Mbiame have disclosed that the Fon’s fine is an opportunity for heavy feasting by his subjects once the fine is paid. A similar incident, this reporter gathered, once occurred in the Nso palace in the 70s and 80s.

Suffice to note that HRH Nweh II recently returned from a royal tour to the USA amidst a glamorous reception from his subjects. But as what appeared as an anti-climax, the Fon, on arriving his palace, rather received a warning letter from the Senior Division Officer of Bui Division for failure to collaborate with state institutions, amongst other issues.


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