Esu dev’t association to Menchum SDO: Stop dabbling into our tradition or face magical powers!.

The Caretaker Committee of the Esu Cultural and Development Association, has sent a grim message to the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, of Menchum Division in the North West Region, Abdoullahi Alliou, regarding the vacant Esu throne now mired in controversy.

Addressing the press in Douala on Friday June 16, members of the committee declared that it is either the SDO stops playing with their tradition or would have magical powers and the spirit of their ancestors to face.

To note that the administrator had in a release on June 8, asked those interested in replacing Fon Kum Achou Kawzuh Albert, who was assassinated last year, “to forward their application before his office for selection". 

The committee members said the decision of the SDO calling for applications is an affront to the over 400-year-old tradition of the people of Esu.

The committee described the SDO’s outing as carefully intended to cause tension in a community that has been peaceful for centuries. 

They were firm that if the administration goes ahead with distorting and disrespecting their tradition, they shall be left with no choice than use "magico-spiritual" means.

The Chairman of the Caretaker Committee, Rev Dr Mih Clement, lambasted the action of the SDO, describing it as being a reckless and unwitty decision. 

The Man of God was vehement that the action goes contrary to the customs and tradition of the Esu people. 

"It is a bottom top approach and not top to bottom as the SDO is trying to enforce," Rev Dr Mih said.

The Chairman said the circumstances under which the Esu King disappeared does not permit for tradition to be quickly set in motion.

“Our King was murdered, this alone is defiling to our land,” Rev Mih said, adding that: “According to our tradition and customs, a King does not see a dead body, but he saw his wife killed before his own eyes, he has not yet transitioned. From what we know, the ancestors have not accepted his spirit yet. When he shows himself to them, they see him with wounds and turn their backs from him…Until our ancestors give a headway, we can't enthrone a new King”.

He continued that the Esu people are still mourning the passing of their Fon and Queen. Rev Dr Mih said beyond Esu, there are several communities that have gone for years without a Fon. He questioned why the administrator is mounting pressure for Esu to have a new Fon.

The representative of the Fon of Esu in Littoral and South West Region, Kah Blasus Bin, said the selection and enthronement of a King is under the jurisdiction of three traditional institutions viz; King-makers, Queen Mothers and notables. 

He said in case of the King's disappearance, the three institutions are responsible for requesting from the Wimeh village which in turn shall request on the two rural families to produce a new King. 

The availability of the King, Kah said, results in the beginning of rites for enthronement. Upon completion of the rites, the new King, he added, is then presented to the administration.


Enter Esu Cultural & Dev’t Association counsel

Barrister Kum Charles, counsel for the Esu Cultural and Development Association, ECDA, said the SDO, in his release, violated Articles 7, 10, 11, 12 and 15 of Law No. 77/254 of July 1977, governing Chieftaincy institution.

He equally accused the Menchum Prefect of violating Article 15 of the law which states that: "It is the responsibility of the Minister of Territorial Administration to preside over consultation that may lead to enthronement”. 

But in the case of the Esu Kingdom, the lawyer said the SDO usurped the authority of his boss, the Minister of Territorial Administration.

Barrister Kum added that the SDO had stopped a peaceful gathering of the Esu people who had shown intentions to deliberate with him on issues related to the vacant throne. He said the SDO failed to consult the Kingmakers and other competent authorities like the traditional council before acting.


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