As infighting over succession of late ‘No Pity’ rages: Dreaded Amba ‘General’, Shina Rambo, surrenders in Ngoketunjia.

One of the most dreaded self-styled Ambazonia ‘Generals’, Shina Rambo, who has been operating in Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region, has surrendered to security forces.

‘General’ Shina Rambo, The Guardian Post gathered, surrendered following the eruption of a deadly succession battle of the late ‘General’ No Pity, who is now confirmed to have been killed during a raid in Baba I village in Ngoketunjia Division.

‘General’ Shina Rambo is said to have been battling for the position of Commander of the Marine ‘Forces’ of Bambalang.

As his clashes with a certain Njibongwe Derick, who has been claiming rights over the position, turned deadly, Shina Rambo, it was gathered, decided to surrender Monday, abandoning ‘the struggle’.

He is confirmed to have laid down his arms in the evening of Monday and has since joined the Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration, DDR Centre in Bamenda.

Prior to his decision Monday, ‘General’ Shina Rambo had in a viral video released May 23, said a rival Amba group in Ngoketunjia was after his head.

In the two minutes, 51 seconds footage which went viral last week, ‘General’ Shina Rambo had recounted his ordeals: 

“I am coming public with this message-a very painful message about the fighters in Bambalang. We fought together under the Marine ‘Forces’ of Bambalang. I helped to seized guns from soldiers and gave them; that was before the death of ‘General’ No Pity, who is my blood brother,” he recounted.

He further disclosed that: “I left and opened my own camp and bought my guns but they came and seized my weapons and took away some of my fighters. I said no problem. I still went out and bought more weapons, recruited my fighters but every day, these fighters from Bambalang keep coming to my camp to harass my fighters. They also took my guns…”. 

He added: “From every indication, this fight has turned to something else. The infighting has reached a level where the fighters from Bambalang are after my head…”.

Enter Ngoketunjia SDO

Contacted yesterday via a telephone chat the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO of Ngoketunjia, Quetong Handerson, confirmed the development.

The senior civil administrator recounted to this reporter that: “In recent weeks, Shina Rambo has been complaining about being a target of a rival armed group. His back was on the wall”.

“It is an issue of infighting over the successorship of the late No Pity. He is a direct blood brother of No Pity. He was like his closest aide and righthand man, who knew all the secrets of No Pity. So when No Pity was killed, this other guy, one Njibongwe Derick, who too was closer to No Pity because his father, a certain Njibongwe, was the witchdoctor of No Pity. Both of them were all people who were around No Pity and so when he was killed, they started fighting over his position. At that time, he (Shina Rambo) was in Mbingo for treatment, he had wounds sustained during fighting. By the time he came back, Derick had imposed himself as the new Commander of the Marine ‘Forces’ of Bambalang.  Shina Rambo was against that. He said he was the one who was supposed to succeed No Pity. The other people refused, they almost killed him, he escaped. He went and started operating with those in Bamessing,” the SDO disclosed.

The SDO added: “Shina Rambo left from Bamessing to Bamali to create a new camp but since they hadn’t no weapons and their number was not enough, Derick sent spies to Bamali. When they came, they missed him narrowly but killed one of his fighters and the rest ran away. He realised that he was alone. So he decided to surrender in order to save his life”.


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