ELECAM examines budget execution, prospects for 2022

By Giyo Ndzi

The budget of the national elections body, Elections Cameroon, ELECAM has come under review, with stakeholders assessing its output, and prospecting for brighter days ahead. This was at its third ordinary session of the electoral board for the year 2021 held in Yaounde yesterday.

The deliberations at the session, the Chairman of the ELECAM Electoral Board, Dr Enow Abrams Egbe told delegates in session, “shall be mainly devoted, as you well know, to the examination of our budgets which, no doubt, fall among the most important tasks of the year, in respect to the effective functioning of our Institution and our country at large.”

“This budgetary session gives us the opportunity to discuss and share particular ideas on strategies and policies that will enable us adopt the budget of our Institution for the forthcoming year; a major task that calls for discernment, consideration of responsibilities and priorities,” he explained.

In this vein, the Director General of Elections shall take the floor to submit the progress report on our activities for the past quarter, and to table before us budgetary guidelines and outlook for the next financial year, in regard to our common projects and way forward.

Dr Enow Abrams Egbe (L) with ELECAM Director General, Dr Erik Essousse

Dr Enow Abrams used the opportunity to appreciate the ELECAM finance committee that worked closely with the Director General and his team to put up the draft budget. He further laid out a series of activities that characterized the year 2021, in line with the body’s goals.

Among them, was the registration of voters for the year 2021, in accordance with relevant provisions of Section 74, Sub-2 of the Electoral Code.

“Thanks to field trips undertaken by you, Members of the Electoral Board, coupled with visits of the Director General of Elections in view of galvanizing our collaborators on the field, we successfully recorded a significant rise in the statistics curve and voter enrolment rates in the course of the two months preceding closure of the operations,” he told ELECAM staff.

“Credit for such satisfactory results,” the ELECAM Electoral Board Chair went on, “must, no doubt, be attributed to our collaborators whose resolve, combined with the dynamism of certain political parties, contributed to boost the extensive efforts deployed towards raising the awareness and mobilisation of citizens.”

Enow Abrams did not fail to commend ELECAM’s “… dynamic teams, for effectively laying the groundwork for fruitful negotiations that shall, in a nutshell, provide and we hope, a real added value not only to the development of the human resources of our illustrious Institution, but also to the democratic process in our country.”

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