Photographer, Flo Ngala in spotlight for imparting community with art

By Giyo Ndzi

New York-based photographer and photojournalist, Flo Ngala has once again come under the spotlight for using her art to impact society. The 26-year-old artist from Harlem started practicing the art at just 15, but is today impacting millions across the globe.

She attributes her base to her parents of Cameroonian origin who immigrated to the United States of America decades ago. Sharing her journey in the world of art with television broadcasting company, CBS, Flo said what started as a passion immediately metamorphosized into a full-time duty for her.

“It was really an immigrant story of hard work and perseverance. Harlem is a beautiful place of black excellence…” she remarked.

Her resilience and fearlessness, she revealed, are attributes inherited from her parents, to which she stays true to this day.

Her father, Flo told CBS, “… passed away in 2008 and so he never actually saw me become a photographer, but I do feel like my entry into photography happened very soon after his passing. I was always attracted to people who were deep in thought”.
Her career kicked off with portraits and then street photography, and she went on to work with big names in the entertainment industry including Gucci Mane and Cardi B.

Flo also played central role in capturing ad documenting last year’s Black Lives Matter protests, after the killing of George Floyd by a police officer.

“He [Floyd] was murdered the same week as my 25th birthday and I just said wow, there is no way I can just sit here. If not for photography, there are so many things we would never have been able to see and those things were the truth, that is how things were at the time, that is how people felt them to be …” Flo explained.

Some of her Selected clients include: Adidas, Apple, Billboard, ESPN, Facebook, GQ, Netflix, Nike, Revlon, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times.

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