Seven MPs honoured at close of June parliamentary session

By Giyo Ndzi

Seven lawmakers have been recognized for their service and dedication to the nation. The MPs were handed the medals from the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, by the speaker of the National Assembly, Hon Cavaye Yeguie Djibril.

The seven MPs knighted at the close of the June Ordinary Session of Parliament Wednesday July 7, include Hon. Manamourou Isabelle Epse Silikam, Hon. Dooh Collins, Hon. Nanga Mefant Berthe, Hon. Joshua Nambangui Osih, Hon. Aliyoum Fadil, Hon. Ndzie Franck Eric and Hon. Salmana Amadou Ali.

Present at the closing ceremony, were members of government including Prime Minister Dr Joseph Dion Ngute, as well as members of the diplomatic core and lawmakers.

Speaking at the plenary sitting after decorating the lawmakers, the House speaker, Hon Cavaye said they were part of others who over the past month, engaged in “multifarious and diverse activities”. During this time, he said, “seven bills were scrutinised and passed while four special plenary sittings were organized on issues such as the increasingly glaring lapsed in the functioning of some public or private corporations …”

“The quasi-endemic malaise in the sector of arts and culture as well as government’s universal health insurance policy option were all scrutinized by members of the National Assembly” he added.

Patriotic ambassadors

Among other requests, Hon Cavaye exalted MPs to be patriots, representing the nation’s interest wherever they go. In response to this call, Hon Adamu Lambe of Nwa in the North West region said the message had been well received by they, ambassadors to their constituencies.

“The first thing I have to take home is to tell my people to remain loyal to the state and that at such moments we need to remain steadfast” he said.

Among the some of the issues dwelled on in the June session, was the land tenure system and the challenges in the sector. “We talked about land. We need to keep to the limits; we are grazers and farmers and we need to keep our limits” Hon Adamu noted, expressing the desire for order to be restored in the sector as discussed.
PCRN National President, Hon Cabral Libii shared a similar feeling about the land tenure discourse held on Tuesday. “I am satisfied by the other discussion, the thematic discussion, precisely about land tenure with the Minister of State Property and Land Tenure we discussed the preoccupation which is a big problem. This was an occasion for us to tell the ministry our mind” he explained.

Though the entire session ran relatively smoothly, Hon Cabral Libii said, certain aspects could have been better handled by the powers that be. Among them, he cited Tuesday’s discussion relating to the budgetary orientation: “They sent the document very late and we did not have time to discuss deeply, to analyse deeply and to discuss detailly”.

“We are MPs sent here to represent our population, so when we discuss about the budget, we want government to take into consideration the will of those who have voted for us and we didn’t have time to do it” he added.
During the June Ordinary Session of parliament, a total of seven bills were adopted,

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