Regional council election in Menoua: ELECAM Director General hails hitch-free polls

By Morine Tanyi in Yaounde

The Director General of Elections at Elections Cameroon, ELECAM, Erik Essousse, has revealed that election rerun of the representative of Traditional Rulers for the Menoua constituency into the West Regional Council took place under favourable conditions and in accordance with the law.

Erik Essousse was speaking during a press briefing at the headquarters of ELECAM, Sunday April 4 shortly after the close of the polls. He noted that voting kicked off at 8:00a.m. with all the members of the three polling stations represented and with all required materials and documents available as well as all anti-COVID-19 kits like facemasks, hand sanitisers and thermoflashes.

He went further to reveal that out of the 158 voters who registered, 148 cast their votes for the two lists of candidates running for the three seats left. Voting, he said, took place in a calm and serene atmosphere and electors each went home with 50,000 FCFA as participation fee. “Local polling commissions are counting and compiling the votes in accordance with the law. Results of the election shall be recorded instantly in the election reports. A copy of the said election reports shall be forwarded to the West Regional Supervisory Commission,” he noted.

The official added that “the commission would then centralise the total votes, crosscheck the counting operations before proceeding to the proclamation of the elections result not later than 72 hours after the closure of the polls”.
The ELECAM DG also used the opportunity to congratulate the entire staff of the institution as well as members of the Electoral Board for the work accomplished in organising the elections.

“I am also grateful to all stakeholders of the electoral process for their commitment, notably traditional rulers, administrative authorities, the forces of law and order, civil society organisations, members of the electoral commission, the media and finally the government for putting all necessary for the organisation of the election at the disposal of ELECAM,” Erik Essousse noted.

It should be recalled that the President of the Republic Paul Biya on January 4 convened the electoral college of the Menoua constituency for the election of representatives of traditional rulers of Menoua Division in the West Regional Council. “…The electoral college of the Menoua constituency is convened for Sunday April 4, 2021, for the election of representatives of traditional rulers of Menoua Division in the West Regional Council…” part of the decree read adding that “…voting shall begin at 8.a.m and shall end at 6.p.m…”.

The regular election, it should be recalled, did not hold in the Menoua constituency as the single list did not have a representative of the Mbô de Santchou leading to its invalidation.

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