NJ Ayuk’s ‘Billions at Play’ second on US bestseller charts

By Giyo Ndzi in Yaounde

Cameroonian-born author and lawyer, NJ Ayuk, has celebrated the latest success of his work titled ‘Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy’. NJ Ayuk, who is also head of pan-African legal and advisory conglomerate, the Centurion Law Group, revealed over the weekend that his work was topping charts in the US, notably the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller lists.

“This is great news because we can still tell Africa’s complex energy story with a hopeful narrative and still be a bestseller in the US. We don’t have to be negative or continue the crab in barrel mindset that has not helped us,” he noted.

“Any achievement,” NJ Ayuk stated, “is meaningless without thanking all the hands and hearts who helped us get there. I thank you a lot and Happy Easter. Let’s celebrate”. The emergence of ‘Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy’ on bestseller charts in the US comes as another victory for the oil and gas law expert who has been thriving in the sector for several years now.

Described as an authority in the African energy sector and a strong advocate for African entrepreneurship and the indigenous energy sector, Ayuk is a force to reckon with on the African busines scene. The Centurion Law Group where he is managing partner, specialises in energy, extractive industries and the financial sector. It has its headquarters in South Africa and operates in other countries including Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Cameroon and Mauritius.

Prior to the release of his book, NJ Ayuk assured Cameroonians and Africans in general that the piece would be packed with captivating, useful ideas, stories, examples and information to encourage them take their future into their own hands.
“We’ve heard more than enough about the challenges facing Africa. Instead of dwelling on our problems, we should be working together to reverse Africa’s Resource Curse. Don’t get me wrong, this book will not be an idealistic treatise for a better world,” Ayuk explained.

The book, he promised, “… will have more of a ‘stop complaining, get up and get to work’ kind of message—backed up with practical ideas for strategically harnessing Africa’s petroleum resources”. The lawyer, it should be noted, is also author of other works, and co-author of ‘Big Barrels: African Oil and Gas and the Quest for Prosperity and Executive Chairman of the Africa Energy Chamber’.

In 2018, his Centurion Law Group was listed among 18 most active law firms on the continent. Reacting to the recognition, he had attributed the achievement to the relentless efforts of his team. “In this race to do deals and build something unique in Africa, we at Centurion know we are the underdog but certainly we are making progress. At our firm we want the little guys to triumph, but the big guy must be respected. All Davids are good but not all Goliaths are bad,” he stated.

The CEO added that: “Most of the lawyers at the firm get a surge from seeing upsets, and cheering for the least likely outcome, that they are willing to risk the lesser odds. But perhaps most of all, we’re drawn to the message that giants can be toppled, that with a little luck we, too, can overcome”. In 2015, NJ Ayuk was also listed on the Forbes Top 10 Most Influential Africans.

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