Nso Fon cheats death after suspected amba explosion in palace

From Ndimbe Usmanou in Bamenda

The Paramount ruler of Nso, Bui division, North West, Fon Sehm Mbinglo, is reported to have cheated death, Saturday April 3. This follows the explosion of an Improvised Explosive Device, IED, in his palace. The explosive is suspected to have been planted in in the Nso palace by suspected Amba fighters. At least four persons are reported to have been wounded following the explosion. Fon Sehm Mbinglo is said to have sneaked into his chiefdom Friday night from another part of the country wherein he has been hiding from separatists disturbances.

At sunrise Saturday, he is said to have rallied his subjects in the palace. He was said to be addressing his people when the suspected amba explosive detonated triggering chaos. People are feared to have lost limbs following the incident
The traditional ruler is reported have in his address called on Amba fighters within his chiefdom to disarm.

The Fon is also quoted as having said in the dialect that, the Amba boys are fighting a lost war. He is also reported to have warned them that anybody who fails to heed to advice risked being tracked down by security forces. The Guardian Post could not independently confirmed reports that, the Nso king’s pronouncements was greeted with mixed feelings within the camp of the amba boys.

It should be recalled that since the anglophone crisis morphed into armed conflict, the Fon’s two sons were killed by suspected separatist fighters. As insecurity heightened in Nso, the Fon was airlifted in February 2019 to Yaounde.
The Nso traditional ruler tried returning home in November 2020 but ended up being kidnapped by suspected Amba boys. This happened around Ndop as Fon Mbinglo in the company of deceased Christian Cardinal Tumi headed for Kumbo.

They were released after spending some days with their captors in the bush who grilled them on their stance on the anglophone crisis. Coming out of the hands of kidnappers the king immediately hurried back to Yaoundé where was on exile.
Until Saturday April 3 when His Royal Majesty Sehm Mbinglo II talked to his people, he was lastly seen in public in December 2020 in Bamenda voting at Regional Council Elections professing a one Cameroon.

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