PC Logbessou prayer cell holds inaugural Sunday service

From Brenda Kiven in Douala

A prayer cell for Christians of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon leaving in Logbessou-Douala in the Littoral region, took place yesterday February 23, with a call from the main preacher, for Christians to rise up and work spiritually and physically.

Cross section of Christians (excluding Sunday School)

The service which began at 9.30 am, took place at Antenne CRTV, with close to 100 Christians, including Sunday School in attendance. The prayer cell is a baby from Presbyterian Church Bonamoussadi, coming to satisfy Christians leaving far from the main church.

Elder Kabangu Imelda, during the church service, said it was their intention to start the prayer cell 13 years ago, but they didn’t succeed until recently. The influx of many English-speaking Cameroonians from the North West and South West regions, following the ongoing sociopolitical crisis has seen many moving into farthest areas in Douala, to resettle. Logbessou is one of those areas, hosting a good number of Anglophones, some of them who have not been able to attend church since they fled the war in 2017.

According to the two Elders assigned to this quarter, the prayer cell will help to win more souls and see into the effective start of a church, which will also reduce the number of PCC Christians migrating to other churches due to the distance to Bonamousadi.

Sunday’s service, as the first, witnessed an impressive turnout. The main preacher, Elder Kabangu Imelda, preached from 2ndThessalonians3:6-10, which was an instruction from Paul’s second letter to Thessalonians, to shun laziness and work hard.

She called on Christians to sow heavily, as they will reap bountifully, quoting Paul in verses 10, which says “while we were with you, we used to tell you, whoever refuses to work is not allowed to eat”.

She continued to frown at people who put in no effort, yet expect to reap. Using quotes from the Holy Bible, she encouraged Christians not to behave like the servant who received 1000 coins and dug a place and hid it for five years, unlike another servant, who received, worked hard by investing his 5000coins and earned double (Luke 19:11-27)

PC Logbessou Prayer Cell Sunday Service is expected to continue every Sunday and Christians have been urged to evangelise and inform more Presbyterian Christians leaving in Logbessou and its environs, to attend their activities.

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