Armed conflict in NW, SW: Victim claims Ambazonia fighters feed on human flesh

By Maxcel Fokwen in Yaounde

Ndue Derick Ntungwe, Principal Presbyterian Secondary School of Science and Technology, PSST, Bafut, Mezam division of the restive North West region has revealed that separatists fighters fronting for the independence of the former Southern Cameroon’s feed on human flesh.

Ntungwe narrating ordeal to journalists last Friday

Ntungwe made disclosure on the sidelines of a media outing which, the Cameroon Association of Victims of Ambazonia Terrorism, CAVAT, granted in Yaounde on February 21.

Still recovering from the torture which gunmen he identified as Ambazonia fighters inflicted on him, Ntungwe, lamented over what he says is misinformation, distortion of facts in the Anglophone crisis.

“It was  on Monday the 3of September,   the first day of the 2018/2019  academic year  around 6am ,  10 heavily armed  amba boys break into my house whisked me out. They were 10 of them carrying amulets and all those their fetishes and they were asking in Pidgin English ‘for wusaid principal dey, for wusaid principal dey’ and I was asking what have I done to these guys?

They whisked me out of the house and started molesting me in front of my children. One of them thrust a gun at the side of my stomach here and started using that same gun on my children, hitting them”.

He continued that: “They took us out of the school campus. There were some 6 six children who had come to school that day, we were still monitoring the situation if it was conducive for us to function if not we send the children back home. So the children were with me at home.

They took all of us and even the people who were living with me they took us out. They only released my children and children who were living with me. They took me and the six students four boys, and two girls . They made us to trek with hands on the hand and guns behind”.

Ntungwe continued that: “Those of you, who know Bafut, my is school at Njinchu- Bafut, we trekked from Njinteh   to the Wum junction. We trekked form Agiatu to Njinte- Bafut, we met another group of boys. I counted there were 35 of them.  They blind folded me and one of them led me to their camp. Their camp is at Nchum-Bafut.

The group of amba boys is called ‘Seven Catha’ in Bafut. They took me there and stripped me naked. I was only left with a small singlet and they chained my legs and hands together and each time they take me out of that little room… they were suing somebody’s house. We were passing… and there were people moving around going on with their normal activities”.

Going by Ntungwe, “They saw that these boys were going to harms us. the people just collaborate with these guys. They took me to that room. Each time they take me out of that room is to torture me with a big cutlass that we call in pidgin man no rest. The beat me on the sole of my feet and my bare buttocks. And that went on, each time they beat me, they take me in and chain me.

Like that.. That was my position throughout. They later on brought those students…. They took my phone and started calling the parents of those children to bring money.. Some were saying one million and so on”.

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