Ahead of election of new mayors: Meme administration holds secret meeting with CPDM envoys

By Maxcel Fokwen in Yaounde

Members of the Central Committee delegations of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM dispatched to Meme division, South West region and the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO for the same administrative unit had a conclave on Sunday February 23 under circumstances not unconnected to the voting of new mayors in Kumba tomorrow.

The CPDM officials and the meme administration sources hinted were fine tuning ideas on handling issues not unrelated to ambitious councillors who might want to spring surprises on elections day. The heat across Kumba I, II and III subdivision within CPDM councillors and individuals aspiring to be mayors has reached unimagined proportions.

 A source told The Guardian Post that, Sunday’s gathering could be “there council sessions before the sessions that will give birth to who becomes mayor in any of the three municipalities. In this Kumba nothing can be taken for granted…”.

The interest of the administration and that of the CPDM investiture committee another politician who elected to be anonymous said is what the meeting of Sunday was all about. “finding a compromise  among the many names that have been coming up here and there… the  discussions  could even touch on the elections of a city mayor and his deputies, many things  will happen in the next  few days..”.

A source hinted The Guardian Pot that, Gregory Mewanu is feared to be spoiling to challenge incumbent Victor Nkelle Ngoh as city mayor. There are also reports of the CPDM envoy to Kumba for the election of the city mayor having supposedly settled on a candidate other than the incumbent. Ngoh is the candidate many are said to be hoping to elect to stay on but there are fears of political surprises in the offing. Retired commerce delegate for Lebialem Esapa Ndedi Samule Esapa is also said to be nursing similar ambitions.

All CPDM heavyweights in the division are reported to be backing Ngoh’s candidacy to stay on as city mayor but for one.  The storm is surprising given that city mayors   are due to be voted in the first week of march.

Sunday’s meeting   held in the wake of other acrimonious meetings which sources confirmed to The Guardian Post have been holding on the premises of different hotels in the metropolis of Kumba.   Across the three municipalities, at least three candidates have been mooted as having interest to put their candidature for the post of mayors. This is said to be the reason why the political class and the administration are battling to reduce the tension perceived in the air.

There are also individuals in municipalities like Kumba II that some say are seeking administrative backing to emerge within the council administration.

Even in council areas such as Mbonge and Konye where CPDM ran unopposed, the political anxiety is also still giving incumbents sleepless nights. Meme division and Kumba in particular is not new to acrimonious meetings during political periods.

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