University Coordination Commission sets pace for new academic year

By Giyo Ndzi

Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo has urged heads of state universities to step up to the task of making the 2021/2022 academic year a success. The minister made the call while chairing the University Coordination Commission, CCU in Yaounde, Tuesday.

Addressing the Vice Chancellors, rectors and officials of ministries that make up the CCU, the Chancellor of Academic Orders, Minister Fame Ndongo said the higher education community had triumphed in the last academic year, despite a myriad of challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The appropriation of these barrier measures by the different actors responsible for the animation of academic life is not an option, but a constraint which should not be left to the free arbiter, if we want to preserve life in our campuses,” the Minister told stakeholders present.

Government’s implementation of e-learning, to the minister, is “… an integral part of the avant-garde e-national higher education project of President Paul Biya.” The initiative, he went on, has made it possible and continues to enable students have classes regularly without physical contact, guaranteeing a successful academic year throughout the national territory.

Minister Fame Ndongo (L) chairs session

Minister Fame Ndongo also made mention of the Commission’s impact, describing the body as “… the appropriate instrument for measuring, analyzing and evaluating our higher education system…”

The CCU, he added, also enables government showcase “the internal and international efficiency of our system, as well as the relevance of our proposals are judged and perceived not only by our hierarchy, but also by the entire national community.”

“Beyond the certain risk of loss of human life, the eruption of the current health crisis, considered to be the most serious in recent history, our higher education system is confronted with the problem of program coverage in a context of exponential growth of the student population,” Minister Fame Ndongo further revealed.

The switch to digital systems, including the use of online platforms for classes, he added, has also been proposed as part of measures to relief the pressure on school resources

The CCU’s last session was held on October 7, 2020 and set the ground work for the just-ended academic year. Created by presidential decree in 1993, the CCU is responsible for examining all the problems relating to coordination and operationality of state owned universities.

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