Canada-based Cameroonian singer, Jbwai, announces groundbreaking concert with hit-song ‘Imani’

By Mua Patrick Mughe in Yaounde

Canada-based Cameroonian songwriter and singer, Jbwai

Budding Canada-based Cameroonian songwriter and singer, Jbwai has announced a groundbreaking concert to publicly present to his Cameroonian audience his latest hit-song ‘Imani’.

The renowned artist announced the concert during a recent interview granted The Guardian Post.
He said: “I am planning on some concerts in Cameroon and some parts of Africa. I can’t wait on my Cameroonian family to have me on the big stage with my flag. We all know how the new coronavirus has brought bad business to some of us especially for artists because all we can do now is to sell our songs online”.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the interview, the Afro-pop singer said Music to him is a source where he channels and expresses himself and other societal issues to the public.

He said his long term goal as an artist is to eventually get his music to the widest audience as possible and also to use his platform as an artist to grow business wise.

“The business part of music is very important as well. I want to be called that artist whom young people will use as an example. I want to be able to help my community more in the long run” he said.

He said “My most recent song, ‘Imani’ is one that is dear to me. The meaning of ‘Imani’ is faith which I believe is an infused virtue we all need in our lives. Faith do break boundaries”.

Coming up with the said video, he said was a challenge “since I wanted to give Cameroonians the best of me. I had to review the video so many times to ensure that we had all the dynamics in order”.

The Imani video is a conception of understanding the African woman through love expression, he explained.

The video, he disclosed was very challenging “because I wanted the best of quality. I had to go for 8k camera for the shooting. it was a hectic day during the shooting but I thank God everything went well. Many people who have listened to the song, love the song, so I have brought them a video quality that marches the song and the message”.


He said from the planning phase and getting the right location and costumes wasn’t easy because “I didn’t want the video to be glamorize. I want some real African flare in it. The video models comes from different African background. Some people thought I shot it in Cameroon but everything was done here in Canada that was the connection I was striving to …”

Jbwai has meanwhile announced that his plans for now is to create more content “because I will be releasing my EP in early 2021. My ambition is to grow and expand into other music territories around the world and also educate myself more about the business of music because we are leaving in the new music industry that is very business oriented .At this juncture I have identify myself and carve my own niche that people can easily know me for”.

“…I have always looked up to some artists around urban Africa like runTown ,who is like my role model , Davido for his very business nature and some other few from Cameroon like Salatiel ,Locko , Stanley Enow, Daphne…” he said.

”The African continent musically is very huge now and Cameroon being a country with all of Africa in it as it known to be the Africa in miniature is a blessing to be alive in this time that African sound is rising globally” he added.

But who is Jbwai?
Jbwai is an Afro-pop recording artist, songwriter, producer.
He was born in Kumba , South West region of the country and is presently based in Toronto-Canada.
He has released couple of smash hit singles including Ona , Holiday , come closer and Imani.
He has been doing music professionally for three years.
He says Music is a passion for him.
He uses music to express himself as well as promote the Cameroonian culture and the Cameroonian identity as well.
He uses music to raise awareness on how great not only Cameroon is but Africa in general and on how proud he is to be an African.
“I use music also to tell some of the stories about my past experiences. I use music to bring happiness to people” says the artist.

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