Three children die of food poisoning in Bafou

By Morine Tanyi in Yaounde

Three children, two secondary school girls and their kid sister aged between 17 and three-year-old reportedly died after consuming food said to have contained some poisonous substance.

These children are said to have died in Fokamezo a locality in Bafou, West Region on Wednesday February 19.

According to sources present at the scene, these children returned from school on Wednesday afternoon with some of their classmates and decided to eat the remains of food which they had eaten that same morning.

“So they went to the pot of soup they had heated and ate in the morning, to eat that afternoon but their friends who accompanied them home refused to eat the food, saying the food had an extra odour of medicine, paracetamol” a source said.

“But unfortunately, they all died after eating some corn fufu and soup that was reported to have contained some poisonous substances” added the source.

Sources say this locality is reputed for such tragedy as this is not the first time children are found death through food poisoning.

Contacted by the population, elements of the gendarmerie Bridget came to the scene to have some firsthand information about the incident.

Cases of food poisoning are said to be abound. Last month, a 13 year old girl identified as Ayuk Lucia was arrested the Biyem-assi Lac neighbourhood in Yaounde.  Investigations are now open to know what exactly killed these children as their corpses have been taken to the Dschang District Mortuary awaiting burial.

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