Six Cameroonians arrested for counterfeiting bank notes in Russia

By Morine Tanyi in Yaounde

Some six Cameroonians are said to have been arrested in Uzbekistan, Russia for counterfeiting bank notes.

They were arrested February 18, 2020 by the Uzbek police in possession of close to 10 million US dollars fake bank notes.

According to a statement signed by the Minister Delegate in charge of affairs at the Cameroon Embassy in Russia, Florence Effa, addressed to the Minister of External Relations, a gang of six Cameroonians have been arrested by a competent service and they are being accused of counterfeiting and found in possession of fake bank notes worth close to 10 million Dollars.

“Though the names of these six suspects were not revealed, they were presented on Uzbekistan’s official television channel on the same day of their arrest,” Florence Effa added.

She went on to promise that the Cameroon Embassy in Russia is doing all in their power to forward further information to the government after an official release by the Uzbek Embassy in Russia will have been done.  

It should be said that this not the first time a Cameroonian or Cameroonians are arrested abroad.

In India a Cameroonian was recently arrested for false identity.

He was arrested by the Central Crime Branch, CBC in India, for faking the identity of a reputed city based urologist and used his name to dube people of their money.

He is said to be one among 15 individuals, in a gang who created fake websites such as, and give out contact details. When the victims called them, they would chat on WhatsApp, once the victim falls prey of their offer, they will ask for certain among of money to be deposited as registration, hospital processing, insurance and other fees.

In December 2019, another gang of five Cameroonians were arrested, judged and detained for counterfeiting and fraud of close to 340,000 US dollars.

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