3,500 youth to be trained on agro-pastoral, fishing trades

By Dilian Welleng in Yaounde –

Some 3,500 youth will be trained in agro-pastoral and fishing trades.

The training is sponsored by Programme of Support for the Renovation and Development of Vocational Training in the Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Sectors, Consolidation and Sustainability Phase, PCP-AFOP.

The course falls within the frame work of the programme’s recruitment of the 6th class of residents for its 88 training centres scattered across the country.

The 6th class was launched recenlty during the 17th steering committee meeting of the programme co-coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture and rural development and the Ministry of Livestock Fisheries and Animal Industries.

According to information revealed during the meeting, 40 young people will be welcomed in each of the above-mentioned centres, for a 2-year training course.

This brings it to a total of more than 3,500 young people to be trained in agro-pastoral and fishing trades between 2020 and 2021.

In addition to this training, PCP-AFOP plans to dispatch trainees across production sectors in the course of the year.

The programme’s national coordinator, Pierre Blaise Ango  stated that, “The young people are currently being placed at large production basins. These basins are enrolling 1,500 young people in around 15 strategic sectors, including nine plant and six animal sectors”.

PCP-AFOP, it should be said, is the result of a partnership agreement signed between the French and Cameroon governments.

The agreement, which establishes the framework for cooperation in the field of agro-pastoral and rural education and training, is based on the steering of national policies on agro-pastoral and rural training, human resources training, the modernization of the institutional and regulatory framework of the agro-pastoral and rural education training system, educational practices, curriculum content, governance of training institutions and educational application tools.

It also concerns the process of anchoring training institutions in their territory, tools for managing partnerships between private training institutions and the State, strengthening the technical structures of the ministerial departments of the Republic of Cameroon in charge of agro-pastoral and rural training issues.

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