Ngarbuh killings: Bar Association vows to trace, expose perpetrators

By Maxcel Fokwen in Yaounde

The Human Rights and Liberties  Commission of the Cameroon Bar Association has  declared its determination  to  ensure  that perpetrators of  the February 14 Ngarbuh massacre in Ndu, Donga Mantung division of the restive North West region “are traced and brought to book”.

Barrister Christian Daniel Bissou, president of the commission, made public the intent of the Human Rights and Liberties Commission of the Bar issued yesterday. Bissou, in a statement, urged the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms, NCHRF, to do same.

Bissou stated that, “the Bar Association as the watchdog of the justice machinery and the voice o the voiceless in society, condemns in very unambiguous terms these monstrous atrocities and urges the government and all actors of justice in our nation to ensure that the perpetrators of these barbaric acts are traced and brought to book”.

Beyond extending its condolences to the affected families, Barrister Daniel Bissou remarked that the endless cycle of violence in the Anglophone crisis lends credence to calls for a ceasefire.

“The Ngarbuh massacre confirms the prevalence of hostilities in an endless cycle of violence, thereby affirming support to calls for a cease fire and the resort to meaningful peace and brotherly coexistence,” Bissou said.

The Rights and Liberties Commission of the Bar reads into the incident a “highpoint” in the violence across the North West region. “The ruthless murder of infants and women stands out as a high point in the violence in the North West region. The very thought of this incident leaves one confused and lost in thoughts in the waves of shock sorrow and bitterness”.

This statement   is coming in the wake of recent controversies   over the independence of lawyers over issues affecting the polity.  Months back, lawyer cum Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice, Jean de Dieu Momo questioned the rationale of lawyers   who reportedly put on their robes to visit opposition politician Maurice Kamto at his Yaounde home. The visit which sparked debates came shortly after Kamto, also a lawyer of repute left the Kondengui prison after a presidential decision to suspension judicial actions against him, allies and other MRC supporters.

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